A Worshipper's Heart Large Postcard

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A Worshipper's Heart Large Postcard

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The reward is in the followup.
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A Worshipper's Heart Large Postcard

You invited them, gave them a great welcome packet, made them feel at home and they expressed enthusiasm about the church; but now what? Customized postcards are a great tool for following up with guests after their visit and expressing your desire to have them join the church.

Features include:
  • Customized with your logos, colors and information
  • 9" x 6" Large Postcard size
  • Printed single or two-sided
  • Mails with a first class stamp
  • Back side is inkjet printable
  • Can be used with US Post Office Every Door Direct Mail campaigns

Great for use as:

  • Follow up with someone after their visit
  • Remind someone that you miss them
  • Invite people to an event
  • Share a hand written note with someone