Simply Classic Inserts (1 Set)

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  • 4x9 Folder with Inserts
  • 4x9 Inserts
  • 6 Squared Folder with Inserts
  • 6x6 Folder with Inserts
  • 6x6 Left
  • 6x6 Right
  • 6x9 Folder with Inserts
  • 6x9 Inserts

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Simply Classic Inserts (1 Set)

  • SKU # : Style 1 Inserts
Inserts customized to tell your story
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To complete the customization on your order, we'll send you an email with instructions for sending us your logo, pictures and church information.

Simply Classic Inserts (1 Set)

Our Customized Insert Sheets are printed specifically for your church with your information. There is nothing generic you have to use. 100% of the inserts are designed and printed for you when you order them. You can completely customize the inserts with your own information, headings, colors, pictures or any other information you want to share with a guest. Inserts can also be replaced one at a time so your welcome packet is always up to date. Customizing the inserts is as easy as submitting a word/pdf file online or emailing us your information after you place an order.

Our customized Insert Sheets include:
  • Staggered sized insert sheets printed with your information to tell your story to your guests!
  • Customized with your headers, body text, pictures, and contact information on each insert
  • Sized to match your folder.
  • 1 Set fills 1 side of the 4x9 and 6x9 folder, and completely fills the 6x6 and 6-squared folders
  • Can be printed on both sides of the sheet for an additional charge.
  • Printed on a 7pt coated card stock
  • Can be written on with ballpoint pens and pencils
  • Single inserts can be reprinted, so your packet always remains up to date

Sample text for your inserts:

(click on a heading to view sample text)

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Welcome Guest Information
Mission Statements Schedule of Services
We Believe Why am I Here?
Adult Ministries Missions
Awana Music
Bible Studies Nurseries
Boys & Girls Clubs
Children's Ministries Prayer Request
Christian Education Fellowship Groups
Seniors Foursquare Believes
Singles Sunday School
Membership Men's Ministries
Ministries (Misc) Who We Are
Women's Ministries Youth