Simply Classic 6x9 Complete Welcome Packet

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  • 1-Outside of Folder
  • 2-Inside with Inserts
  • 3-Inserts
  • 4-Business Card
  • 5-Schedule Back
  • 6-Map Back
  • 7-Invite Card Front
  • 8-Invite Card Back

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Simply Classic 6x9 Complete Welcome Packet

  • SKU # : Style 1 6x9 Pkg
A complete, fully customized Welcome Packet
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To complete the customization on your order, we'll send you an email with instructions for sending us your logo, pictures and church information.

Simply Classic 6x9 Complete Welcome Packet

Our 6" x9" Complete Church Guest Welcome Packets are a great tool for creating an opportunity for face to face interaction with guests and giving them more information about your church. Their compact format offers a simple way for guests to learn more about the church and take the information home with them. We offer total customization on every aspect of our guest welcome packets. Total customization includes changing the colors, logos, pictures layout and information of every aspect of your Welcome Packet. There is nothing pre-printed that you have to use. 100% of your packet is created for you when you order it.

  • A complete, fully customized Welcome Packet!
  • Everything is customized with your colors, logo and information
  • 6" wide x 9" tall when closed
  • Includes printing on the inside body of the folder
  • Includes up to 6 one-sided staggered sized inserts, all customized with your information (Schedule, ministries, mission statement, etc.)
  • 3" tall pockets on the inside of the folder
  • Right side pocket is cut for a business card
  • QR code on the inside left pocket leading to your website/facebook page
  • Includes twice as many regular business cards as packets on your first order
  • Free matching Guest Invitation cards (Equal to the number of packets you order)