4x9 Complete Welcome Packets

4" x 9" Complete Welcome Packets

Starting with a complete Welcome Packets is a great way to make sure you get everything you need for your new Welcome Packet.

4x9 Complete Welcome Packets include:

  • A complete, fully customized Welcome Packet
  • Customized with your colors, logo and information
  • QR code on the inside left pocket leading to your website/facebook page
  • 4"wide x 9" tall folder
  • 3" Pockets on the inside left and right of the folder
  • Right side pocket cut for a business cards
  • Includes up to 7 staggered sized inserts, all customized with your information (Schedule, ministries, mission statement, etc.)
  • Includes twice as many regular business cards as packets on your first order
  • Free matching Guest Invitation cards (Equal to the number of packets you order)
  • Includes printing on inside body of folder

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